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Awesome Dining Experience With A Service Dog
I am deeply pleased with the experience I had at the Jaxx Restaurant today in Hilton and I am so happy that Jaxx hires only the best, caring and loving staff who strive to make customers feel at home, with a nice warm cosy fire to top off the best dining experience.

I had just came from being declined from entering another restaurant due to Lucy being a service dog and was expecting the same treatment at Jaxx, but to my surprise, they were so kind and welcoming and said we can both come inside and take a seat. I was so pleased and happy that we finally found a place which is accepting of a service dog.

I enjoyed the toasted sandwich, it was delicious and the milo was creamy and fluffy, one of the best I have had. After I had finished my meal they said I could bring Lucy with me to Jaxx, Hilton anytime I want to which made me so happy and pleased.

I would recommend Jaxx to anyone who is around the Hilton Quarry Centre, you will never be disappointed.

I hope you enjoy my review
Jesse Feldman

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