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Highly recommended programme
Our 7 year old son was battling with reading. We went to Wiseeye. Devon advised us to have Oliver's eyes tested. We found out that he needed reading glasses. We enrolled him in the Wiseeye reading programme and in 6 weeks his reading speed went from 30 words a minute to over 150.
Last week he said "I want to do my favorite homework first....math....oh favourite is actually now reading!". Thanks to Devon and Barbara, homework only takes us 10 minutes now.

New words
'I can read lots of new words.' (Jordyn Grade 2)

The class claps!
'The whole class now claps when I read aloud.' (Alyssa Grade 4)

Why can words be spelt...
One of our pupils, who is in Grade 4, wanted to know the following from his Wise Eye therapist:

"Why can't words be spelt the way they are said? That would be so much easier."

This same child is now writting stories for the 1st time and says he wants to write a book. This happened before he completed his 20 sessions with us. Vanessa and I are very pleased for him.

How I feel about Wise Eye
" It's so much fun here"

"I hated flashwords in the beginning then I loved it"

"It helping me lots and lots. My teachers have said I have really improved"

"I read faster. Now I love reading. My new book is Night Time."

"I miss Wise Eye so much"

"I can't believe how much I have got better, I now read at a Grade 9 level"

My Wise Eye results
Hi my name is Charl. I’m interested in music, photography, and human behavior. I’ve been playing the piano for six years now, and have battled from the beginning with reading music. My school grades were very poor, and I didn’t enjoy school at all. I found it hard to focus on my school work. A few months ago I started with the Wise Eye program; and while I was busy with it, I found I could study better. I was also able to read my music better. So if you are struggling with reading and studying, I would recommend that you give Wise Eye a try, it helped me.

Visagraph Eye test, glasses and therapy
Devon White the owner of Crossway’s Health Centre recently shared some feedback on Wise Eye Reading Academy with us.

‘I have just done a Visagraph Test on an 18 year old who was told that he only needed to use his glasses for long distance. He has frequent headaches and battles to read. He is currently writing Matric.

The Visagraph test showed his reading ability to be at a Grade 1.9 level and his Cross Correlation at a 0.414 level. He also had 118 crossover eye movements. The Visagraph results also showed that he needed to see an Optician. His mom then took him for an Eye Test and he was told that he should be wearing his glasses all the time. He came back for another Visagraph this time wearing his glasses. His reading ability jumped to a Grade 7.2 level, his Cross Correlation to 0.979 (perfect is 1.0) and he dropped to 3 crossover eye movements. This is a complete change to the previous reading, but still not at his ultimate level.

He subsequently started Wise Eye Therapy and says: “I am finding reading much easier already (3 lessons later) and I am also reading my Music Score better.” Said Charl.

Latest update " I passed matric and did very well"

1st client graduates - 16 Feb 2011
NEWS!!! Our first client has graduated. She has gone up 2 grade levels in her reading ability and now reads at 996 words per minute with 100% comprehension. Well done.

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