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Brilliant Bemer
I have had a case of secondary Amenorrhea for close to a year and within six sessions the Amenorrhea was no more and my body was functioning as a woman’s body should. It was also a good way to relax. In just a few minutes on the BEMER I could feel my body ease away. It was also a learning experience for me. Devon has a wealth of information and was happy to impart some to me and answer my many questions. I came out feeling better and knowing better. Thank you Devon.

Thank you Devon for the 3 Bemer sessions, I felt my stress melt away as well as have extra energy to get through my busy days.

Diabetic on insulin pump
I rented a BEMER from Devon at Stepping Stones BEMER Treatment Centre last month. I am a diabetic with high blood pressure too. My blood pressure is down, I am feeling better and I am not having many blood sugar fluctuations, which is a good thing for me. Thank you

Healed cats tail with the BEMER
Dear Aunty Devon

Thank you so VERY MUCH for loaning your Bemer 3000 machine to my "Mom" (the human one), when I hurt my tail.

Mom was so concerned when my doctor said that, if the anti-inflammatory tablets that were prescribed did not help me, I would have to have x-rays to see if my tail was broken and that there was a possibility that my tail would have to be amputated!!

My tail just hung down - no chance of my being able to move it - and that could have caused problems for me when I move about - hence the possible amputation.

Well, this is a "tail" which has a happy ending! As you know, Mom treated me regularly all weekend and I had a few subsequent BEMER treatments. MY TAIL IS BACK TO NORMAL - I AM ABLE TO MOVE IT AS BEFORE!!

The BIG BONUS is that I don't have to be coaxed to have my treatments - I just LOVE the BEMER! I just hop up on the mat, curl up and go to sleep! If I feel I haven't had enough treatment, I let Mom know that she should switch the machine on again!

Once again, THANK YOU for helping to save my tail!

With lots of love,

TAI MURH BUSA (Chocolate Burmese Feline)

Stroke - how BEMER helped

Mr. Leo Ambrose read our article in the Witness dated of the 14 December 2007, about a stroke client we had been treating on the Bemer machine and what remarkable results we had had.

He contacted us and arranged to hire a Bemer 3000 machine on a monthly basis from us, in the hope that it would also give his wife some kind of relief, and improve her quality of life.

We started with her treatment on the 24 December 2007. At that time she was bed ridden and could not do anything for herself. She could also not speak a word. Since having Bemer treatment her condition has improved remarkably.

She can now :-

-Move her legs which she could not do before.
-She can sit up and help herself to stand up with the aid of her walker. She is even trying to take a few steps.
-Her hands and fingers that where stiff. Now she can move them and they are also now moist.

2.She can now continue:-

- She can now sing, speak a few words, also count numbers and say the months of the year. General words that she can speak now are “Yes” and “No”.
- She has also taught herself to write very accurate with her left hand.

With the improvement of the blood flow to her brain she can respond better when you talk to her. She communicates still with some difficulty but the improvement has been remarkable with this short of time of having treatment.

With continued Bemer treatment we can see she will be up and walking in the near future. She has proved to us that the continuous treatment has made a remarkable improvement in the quality of her life.

The Bemer machine is registered as a medical device with the Department of Health, Licence No: 549/7826.

Any assistance for his wife would be highly appreciated.
If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Debbie Bezuidenhout
Bemer therapist

I had an elated client on the phone yesterday who said she had just had her 3 monthly check up for Glaucoma (which was caused by her Diabetes and gets worse if her sugar levels are not kept stable) and that they rechecked and rechecked but could find no bleeding. The specialist was amazed. My client now only needs to go for a check up in 6 months time. She was told by the specialist that she would eventually go blind and within the year if her blood sugar levels were not kept stable.

My client came for treatment for Diabetes and sore feet, but she had not mentioned her Glaucoma condition to me before. So I had never been able to tell her that BEMER can help because it gets the circulation to the eye working. Well the proof is in the pudding!! Along with a very happy client to tell her story is a client who probably won’t have to face blindness in the future.

Stepping Stones BEMER Treatment Centre in Hilton

Weak heart
Idey, my German Shepherd has a weak heart. Her vet tested her heart rate and I then started BEMER treatment once a day. A week later her vet tested her heart again and she was very pleased with the result. Idey's heart rate was stronger. I am continuing to treat Idey daily to see how far she can improve. She loves going on the BEMER and lies quitely whilst being treated.

My client had his first stroke at 29 years of age. After years he was able to work again. He had another stroke at age 37 a year ago. His right side was affected, including his arm, and he could only move about with the aid of a walking stick. After one week of BEMER treatments 3 times a day he said "I am walking slowly without aid and I am getting stronger every day."

Devon 2008-11-21 06:24:07 Post no: 2

Location: Stepping Stones HILTON
After a month of treatment my client has his balance back, continues to walk slowly without aid and is stronger. His mom said "thank you Devon, I can now understand what my son is saying which I could not do before". I could hear a great improvement in his speech too.

Fractured wrist
Stepping Stones and BEMER Treatment Centre, Hilton

Kai fractured his wrist in September 2007, a complete break, and went under anesthetic to get it set. I was told that he would be in plaster for two months. Immediately on getting home I put Kai on the BEMER using the Intensive Applicator on a P3 twice a day for the 5 days between Xrays. Five days later Kai wrist was re-xrayed and was found to be healing fast and well. The bone had already knitted. We were told that the plaster could be removed a month earlier. The Xray after the plaster was removed showed a beautifully healed wrist.

Kai has had two previous injuries the year before when he fractured one heel and later the side of his other foot. Both these fractures had not healed properly causing a lot of pain, especially when he played sport. On finding how well the BEMER sorted out his broken wrist we immediately started to treat his feet.

Kai is now playing sport again with no pain in the wrist, nor any weakness, and his feet have healed.

Kai now regularly askes to use the BEMER when ever he has injuries during sport.

Happy BEMERing

Devon (Kai's mother)

Fibromyalgia, Ulser and Sinus
Dear Devon


I would like to place on record my grateful thanks to you and the BEMER machine for changing my life.

As you know, I have suffered with Fybromyalgia syndrome since 1999 and it is no picnic! After approximately 16 treatments, I am off Chronic pain medicine - both painkilling and anti-inflammatory! At this stage I am taking the odd over the counter painkiller!

My position was further complicated by the fact that I have an ulcer - and the medication for the Fybromyalgia Syndrom made this condition worse! To add to my woes, I am also a Sinus sufferer!

The Ulcer appears to have healed, as I have not had any trouble with it for weeks.

My Sinus condition has improved immensely!

Yours sincerely


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