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Winter Weightloss
I joined Kirsten’s Adventure Fitness in February 2013. I had a gym contract but lacked the will power to go to gym and commit to an exercise routine.

I also have a very stressful job and all it took was a tough day at work to talk myself out of going to the gym.

I have enjoyed Kirsten’s training sessions from the first day. For the past 7 months of training there has never been a session with the same routine.

She has provided a fun group environment whilst also having the element of having a personal trainer who keeps tabs on your progress and encourages you not to miss training!

A big plus is the training venue – with the natural surroundings and beautiful view at Mount Verde you forget that you’re actually training! After a long day I find it such a good ‘destresser’ just being out there.

The focus is more on all round body toning and strength rather than just losing weight. The best part is that I can see the difference in my body.

Even more amazing is that I actually lost weight during winter for the first time ever! What more can you ask?!
Give it a try!!

Joanne, 42 years old

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