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Great Gym
Lovely private gym with a fantastic atmosphere...Danny is very knowledgeable and gives sound advice!

Made my target!
With Danny's guidance and continuous training on treadmill I have now lost over 40 KGs

Years of wise council
Danny has given me many years of valuable information that has helped my bone density problem by using weights regularly.

Worked with Dan for 2 years excellent personal trainer !!!!!

Weight Loss
Well on my way. Still 25Kg to loose

I have been a member of Lifetsyle Fitness for the last 10 months.When I started I weighed 140 kg and could not walk 100 metres. I would experience pain in my knees as they could not support my weight.

I have consistent used the Gym 5 to 6 days a week am followng a sensible eating plan and exercising for 45 mins.I have up to this point lost 40kgs

I am aimimg for another 25kgs of in the next 10 months.


Lifestyle Fitness Gym
Had to put the stars up for Lifestyle Fitness !!!!
The gym is so inviting and well equipt!

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