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Sufficient and Friendly
This company is sufficient and friendly and very in touch with their customers.
This is so refreshing as most companies are not interested in you as a person, they really go out of their way to assist or just advise a person on what you need.

I have known a couple of people and companies that have disregarded their advise only to go back to them or paid very dearly, suppose some people think they know it all.

Well done to Mike , Belinda and their staff Veronica, Rodney , Esme as well as Pieter ( internal sales ).

You guys rock thank you

Outstanding Service
I phoned Cartridge Smart on Monday morning because I was having a hassle with my printer. It wasn't urgent, so I said that it could wait until the end of the week. Within about 30 minutes, unexpectedly, Belinda arrived to sort out my problem. She identified it, returned to the shop to get additional cartridges, and came back to install them. This outstanding service was totally unexpected, and especially at this very busy time fo the year, very much appreciated. Well done Belinda!

Save a Fortune with Cartridge Smart
Your generic Cartridges that work perfectly in my copier are exactly half the price of the original..and I have been using yours for 6 months ...thank goodness we have you save me a fortune !!!

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