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Stephanie Joyner Dietician


Mrs Taryn Nel
After having my 2 little boys, I decided I really needed to do something to get back into shape. I was having a good moan about feeling overweight and unhealthy at the school where I teach. One of my colleagues then recommended I meet with her sister, Stephanie Joyner, a dietician. At first I was a bit sceptical as I thought, “What is a dietician going to tell me that I don’t already know…to eat healthily and exercise more!!”Nevertheless, I decided to go and see her. I arrived at my consultation (at Dr Gilberts practice) in a panic. I was late and flustered. My husband was working and my two year old was refusing to leave the house until we found his missing blue gumboots. I finally arrived expecting to meet a very grumpy dietician after I had kept her waiting. However, I was wrong and I was very pleasantly surprised. She was so kind and understanding and I immediately began to relax and thought… “Well, maybe this won’t be so bad.” Stephanie explained exactly what would happen. She would take all my measurements (what I was dreading!!!) and then ask me some questions about my eating choices, lifestyle etc. She would then meet me the following week once she had drawn up an eating and exercise plan that would fit in to my daily routine. After the “weigh in” (it wasn’t so bad!!!), the questionnaire began! She took many different factors into consideration… my lack of time to exercise, having small children also need to eat what I eat (I did not want to have to cook 2 different meals every night) and my budget (being a teacher and being married to a teacher does not allow us to spend a fortune on food). We then made a plan to meet the following week. Stephanie presented me with an eating and exercise plan that was entirely possible! The foods she suggested were affordable, convenient, quick to prepare and tasty. She took my lack of time to exercise into consideration and suggested activities that included the boys as well as others that could be done at home once the boys were asleep (using a Pilate’s ball for example). I am following her plan and I am feeling much better about myself…fit, healthy and more energetic. I am so grateful to Stephanie and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to lose weight and get into shape! Thank you, Steph! You have been so helpful!

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